breeding philosophy

Rangan Charolais believes in identifying the superior performing cattle in our herd and within the breed so that we as well as our clients can excel in the markets that we both supply. We use a large AI & ET programme each year to accelerate the genetic gains of our herd. We have found that by blending the best Australian, American and full French genetics we are able to come up with a sire that suits market needs.
Around 25 % full French genetics is
working amazingly well for us.

We would not have been able to achieve these gains without the fantastic work of ET technician Tim Heath and AI carried out by Warren Dodd and Gary Kirk of Tallangatta AB.

The goal in our area is to have a finished live beast off the property before 15 – 18 months of age or a weaner into the markets at 8-10mo, as well as the heifer portion of the drop making as close to as much money as the steer portion.

Variables we can control that affect this outcome are:-

Calving Ease

  • All calves are birth weighed and entered into breedplan
  • Gestation lengths are noted
  • ET calves are born from Angus or Angus cross dams
  • We select for calving ease without sacrificing growth

Growth & Finish

  • All calves are 200day and 400day weighed
  • All calves are carcass scanned and entered into breedplan

Temperament & Structure

  • We cull rigorously for both temperament and structure


  • MN2 Herd
  • Pestivirus tested negative & vaccinated
  • Fully vaccinated 7in1
  • Bulls vibrio vaccinated

Maiden heifers are joined to calve at 2yo, we are a business they must perform!

A Fact, every 2009 drop Rangan Charolais stud calf is above the breed average for Domestic Supermarket index, with many up to 3 times the average.

We have bred the #1 domestic indexing female in the breed along with the #1 indexing IMF bull and female.

That’s value for our bull clients