The Rangan Park property has been in the Cook family since the 1950’s after Graeme’s grandfather Jim purchased the property after moving from the upper Murray area.

Graeme’s father Alan took over the operation of the farm in the 1960’s, with Graeme the third generation to run the property from 2003.

The property was originally a dairy farm but in later years has been used for weaner and vealer production. In addition to the Sandy Creek property, land is also owned in the Mitta Mitta valley at Fairyknowe as well as leased land which allows a viable cattle breeding operation.

Rangan Charolais was established in 2005 with females entirely from the record breaking Palgrove stud. Graeme Cook believes it has been the selecting of these strong maternal lines that has lead to the studs success as well as the success that Rangan and their clients are having with cross bred progeny in the weaner markets.

2011 Charolais/Angus cross 7mo


Previous to the introduction of Charolais bulls high quality Angus bulls were used, always selecting from the top bulls from leading Angus studs.

The results in the weaner markets were in the mid range of results price wise and it was only the introduction of Charolais bulls that propelled the annual draft right to the top of the results. Rangan Charolais have for the past 2 years topped the annual three day weaner sales in January, that’s around 12 000 head sold over 3 days that includes all breeds.

Ranc29e with Pinay twins

The 2011 result was 9 month old steers 446kg $915 and heifers $840, an amazing result for such young calves. The stud has also been fortunate to win the Charolais weaner herd competition for the last 2 years in this area.

In 2012 over 180 pure Charolais stud calves will be born along with 200 Charolais/Angus cross calves for the weaner and vealer markets.

The stud sells Charolais bulls, uses Charolais bulls, and believe you can’t go past the right Charolais bulls.
Visitors are welcome at any time to inspect the Rangan herd.